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Our Editorial Policy

We try the experiences we write about, so you can trust our tips. If we haven’t been somewhere ourselves we let you know about it, and if our guest editors contribute we will say so.

The Three Travellers is a commercial blog so we do feature advertising. However, we only work with brands that understand what we’re all about, and that are going to appeal to our audience. We have editorial control and independence at all times, and will never accept payment to write about something unauthentic to us.

We accept hotel and travel reviews, product reviews, tickets to free shows, festivals, restaurants, events etc to feature on Three Travellers. If you want us to try you out, please get in touch at or via Twitter @travellersthree.

We don’t discredit people, brands or companies, but if our experience isn’t up to scratch, we will not write about you on Three Travellers, even if the experience was complementary. This allows us to retain our credibility and editorial control.

What Can The Three Travellers Do For You?

What’s our USP?

We know that time is probably the most precious thing we’ve got, so we aim to provide inspiring, easy, amazing ways to spend it together.

We cover the best of family travel, focusing on inspiring and beautiful experiences for families with limited time.

We also emphasise the people and places treating our planet and people well, who value sustainability, equality, diversity and investing in preserving local cultures.

The Three Travellers is one of the world’s only family travel blogs that emphasises thoughtful travel. We want to inspire modern families to travel without compromise. That means quality experiences of the world’s coolest, friendliest accommodations, travel methods, places to eat, things to pack and things to do. And we also want to travel and promote partners who are people and planet friendly. That means preserving local cultures and being eco and socially conscious. We can help you promote your region, hotel, attraction, restaurant or product through custom posts and social media.

Eloise and Lucas have worked in digital marketing and content for some of the world’s biggest brands over the last 15 years. We have channelled all this goodness over 7 years expertise writing on TTT about the 52 cities we have visited together. We are also mum and dad to Sonny, and our goal in life is to endlessly travel together writing this blog.

Who are we aiming to reach?

Like-minded folks in their late 20s to early 40s looking to still see the world – despite now becoming a family!

We don’t think you should compromise on the way you used to travel just cos there’s more of you!

We do excellent content

The Three Travellers are happy to work with all credible advertisers and sponsors relevant to our area. We are a global travel blog and rank high on page one of Google for multiple search terms. This is because:

  • We are SEO and keyword research experts. We produce authentic, thoroughly researched content.
  • We travel and write for our audiences as if they were our friends – we care that they have a good time!

Some search terms that put us at the top of Google page 1 include:

  • “womens surf camps” and “surf for girls”
  • “lake annecy france”
  • “montenegro beaches”

All are high competition keywords. We are experts at putting your brand on Google page 1.

We are open to the following advertising and promotional options:

  • Accommodation reviews and promotions (Hotel, villa, private island)
  • Giveaways and product promotions (paid only, minimum fee £400 )
  • Freelance writing commissions
  • Sidebar or footer advertising
  • Sponsored trips, tours, cruises and stays
  • Sponsored posts (nothing under £500, so please don’t contact us if your budget is too low)
  • Social media promotions and campaigns
  • Product reviews
  • Restaurant and food reviews

Where are we travelling to soon?

In 2018 we hope to visit Basel, Patagonia, Peru, Chile, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Rome, Venice, Corfu, Sardinia and Corsica. If your company has interests in any of those locations, don’t be afraid to reach out, we can give you the coverage you need for those locations through social media and our travel blog.

Need to know some stats?

If you need to know more about us and our readership, please ask for more details at

Who Have We Worked With?

Here are a few companies and brands we’ve collaborated with:

  • Hotel Bulgari
  • Oliver’s Travels
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Boutique Small Hotels Worldwide
  • A Hotel Life
  • Stylebible
  • Hotel Sofitel
  • Hotel Indigo
  • Relais & Chateaux
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