Where to eat in Marrakech – Nomad & Le Jardin

Last month, we had the pleasure of visiting Marrakech for the first time and were completely absorbed in the bustling energy of the medina, our peaceful riad and the beauty of the desert. Most of all, our trip was made great by two exceptional restaurants in the Marrakech medina, the tranquil surrounds of Le Jardin and the vibe and views of the souk at Nomad.

Here’s how we fared.

Nomad Restaurant Marrakech ✨

Set atop the spice souk and with views over the pinky-orange roofs, Nomad rises like a beacon bringing all who seek a good feast and a hard-earned cocktail.

We were seated in what is probably the best table in the house. Our corner of the terrace beneath twinkling strings of lights, a perfect view of the spice market (and the snakes 🐍 we were offered earlier) and a cool springtime evening was a superb setting for what was by far the best meal of our time in Marrakech. Freshly crisped calamari, perfectly seasoned salads, sweet and tender prune and lamb tagines, and velvety courgette fritters all made it to our table.

The lightness and the freshness of Moroccan cooking comes into its own here in very modern, absolutely delicious concoctions that made it hard not to lick the plate.

The above terrace also provides another tier for cocktails and dreams – this time though with refreshing cucumber twists on a classic Martini. As healthy as they come 🍸, so we ordered a second round.

It’s a super place, and clearly one the jet set know well. But your Marrakech itinerary would be far from its best without Nomad’s buzz and delicious fare. Get there, spend some time, soak up the city.

How to find NOMAD

Rahba Kedima, Marrakesh, Morocco
+212 5243-81609

Nomad Marrakech view
Our little corner at Nomad in Marrakech
Nomad Marrakech inside
A cosy nook inside at Nomad
Nomad Marrakech Lanterns
Pretty lights at Nomad

Nomad Marrakech Menu

Le Jardin Marrakech 🌵

Preserved lemon and chicken tagine 🍋🍗. A Moroccan classic; I had my first in the tranquil, green oasis of Le Jardin, and my second. Needless to say I was hooked.

You’ll find Le Jardin nestled in the winding alleys of the souk and through a tiny door in a wall.With bright yellow budgies tweeting away, and luminous jungle palms towering above, it’s a welcome sanctuary for those seeking peace from the heat of Marrakech and shopping the souks.

Over a cool glass of Gris (Morrocan Rosé), our companions loved the delicately spiced lentil salads, fresh fish of the day, and traditional soup. So much so that we returned the next day for more, and all ordered the same again.

For dessert, expect a Frenchy selection – we shared a lemon tart and tarte tatin, both of which were very tasty – although an extra scoop of icecream 🍨 on a tarte tatin never hurt anybody.

We loved best of all the friendly tortoise 🐢 who was doing laps under the tables.

In the evening you’ll find the place lit up with lamps in the trees; the overhead balcony looking over the oasis below filled with candlelight.

It’s a picturesque and lovely place to visit at any time of day, and the waitstaff in particular bring those warm Moroccan smiles that make you glad you chose to visit Marrakech while your friends are glued to Netflix.

How to find Le Jardin

32 Route Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
+212 5243-78295

Le Jardin Tiny Door Entrance
The tiny entrance to Le Jardin Restaurant


Fresh produce at the entrance to Le Jardin in Marrakech
Fresh produce at the entrance to Le Jardin in Marrakech
Le Jardin Marrakech Patio
The leafy dining area at Le Jardin
Le Jardin Marrakech Shish Kebab
Steak and shish at Le Jardin
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