Meet Two Awesome Companies Leading Sustainable Travel – World Earth Day Series

To celebrate World Earth Day 2018, we look at Ecobnb and Green Pearls® who are leading the way in making sustainable travel possible for everyone, and find out more about their philosophy behind driving change in sustainable travel.

Ecobnb:  Sustainable tourism is very important issue for the future of our planet. Travellers around the world are quickly increasing every year. Unfortunately also ways of travel that are very impactful on the planet are growing. Let’s think for example of cruises, that has had the biggest growth in the last 20 years, but at the same time responsible of the destruction of the coral reefs

I think we have to change the way of travelling, choosing more sustainable solutions, respectful of the planet, places and of people. There are a lot of small and big project that are going in the right direction, but maybe it’s not so easy to know about them and to reach them. For example, with Ecobnb we created a network of amazing people that have built eco-friendly accommodations all around the world: organic farmhouses, amazing treehouses and eco-friendly B&Bs. The challenge of these eco-hosts is also ours: each of us can do something in his small way to better the world.

Check out the Ecobnb community in the video below.

Green Pearls®:  All Green Pearls® partner hotel and destinations do a wonderful job by implementing a green philosophy and following green guidelines. Green Pearls® shows how diverse sustainable tourism is, every hotel and destination has its own approach in implementing green features.  It is not about being perfect, but about doing the first step and then moving forward. 

Check out all of Green Pearls®‘ amazing partner hotels here and also their three key destinations actively working towards sustainable tourism: Whistler Mountain, Thailand in South East Asia, and Juist, Germany.


And for further inspiration on where to travel sustainably visit Ecobnb and Green Pearls.


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