Best Berlin Travel Tips

It seems unreal that a city that’s seen so much death sparks with the life, humour, wellbeing, wealth and energy that Berlin does.

Guided walks take you through chapters of history that match endless names to places and events that seem impossible to have all occurred in a few small suburbs.

So here’s our best Berlin travel tips….

Take guided bus and walking tours through from the East to the West of the city, exploring places like the Bebelplatz where thousands of original, manuscripts and were burned, past the ugly, uneven scar of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Hitler’s bunker, and the bullet-pocked Brandenburg Gate. The local markets and Bearpit Karaoke at MauerPark is unmissable and a stunning, sooty Berlin Cathedral building rises grandly out of a Prussian storybook.

‘Wurst’ vans dot the roads to propel you on your explorations, and deep jugs of beer quench thirst, while pots of Kaesepaetzle (cheesy pasta) satisfy like only German stodge can.

At night the trendy head to Berghain to see the biggest dance music names flow through the town, and people positively heave through the nightlife with so little regard for morning that it’s 100% contagious.

At night, crash out in Michelberger Hotel for fun, or Hotel de Rome for five star finery.

More tips to stay and play are here on Runawaynow, TimeOut, and The Guardian.

Beautiful, supreme, young, vibrant and awesome fun, the feeling of the future not the past drives life here.

We heart Berlin.

Anna Blume cake shop DSC02893 Bearpit Karaoke Kaesespaetzle Berlin Berlin Wurst Traditional Berlin food
Berlin bulletholes Berlin Cathedral Altes Museum Berlin Neue Wache memorial to the lost Berlin Berlin Wall Ministry of the Interior Berlin Jewish Memorial, Berlin Brandenburg Gate The Berlin Wall Berlin delicacies Berlin Friedrichstrasse train station


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