His and Hers views of the 5 Star Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre

Her View

There’s a sense of relief that welcomes you at the Sheraton Salobre Gran Canaria. On an island that’s been ruined by tourism in parts, this oasis in the midst of arid volcanic land is an indulgent haven that upholds all the luxuries of a Sheraton mixed with the spectacular secrets of a Spanish mountaintop. I refer here, directly to the Sunset Bar; the crown jewel of this hotel, a landscaped garden that features immaculate cactus flowerbeds, weaved between white parasols, coupled sun loungers, a shallow river, Balinese beds, an infinity pool and of course a bar. This adults-only spot on the 11th floor is an immediate remedy to exhaustion and the perfect spot to soak up some winter sun. Chilled Ibiza tunes plus the perfect spot to watch the sun set make this area our favourite in which to unwind each day of your holiday. Reservation of a Balinese bed for the day is highly recommended and includes an iced bottle of cava to add to the occasion.

Sunset Bar

Once suitably burnt, you’ll need to visit the Be Aloe spa. Here, you’ll be able to sooth your skin with the hotel’s popular aloe vera message treatment. There’s also a whole range of other beauty and wellness treatments available including a 99.98% oxygen room. I’m not 100% sure what it does, but you feel better just for having reclined on its heated mosaic seats.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Aloe Vera Spa Vitality Pool
The Aloe Spa Vitality Pool

With mind and body restored, you may wish to partake in some exercise. Whether you’re the kind that revels in an opportunity to run around the scenic running track that circulates the hotel and its two golf courses, or like me, has more fun driving the golf buggy around, coaching your other half as you pretend to know what a caddy does as they pretend they’re not annoyed by having an ‘off’ day, there’s something for everyone. There’s even a weekly schedule of events you can rock up to, including yoga, pilates & a cellulite class (bit late for that now, I did think). I also class Ping Pong a highly aerobic activity. And a boat trip to see Dolphins, but that was more ‘excursion’ than exercise!

Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Course
The golf course

But exercise will be needed in order to counterbalance the dining dilemma. Initially planning to eat very little (and swim much more), my restraint was put to the test at the Gofio restaurant buffet. The choice of food is endless, with new options available each day, which means that a well meaning plate of delicious fruit can easily be usurped by the perfect soft boiled eggs, wild smoked salmon, soft cheese and croissant that you just happen to walk by.  I highly recommend the lattes too.

I must mention the high standard of service I experienced at the Sheraton. Every member of staff was smiley, attentive and helpful. And it really made our stay such an enjoyable one. Despite my disappointment that the bell in the shower was in fact a retractable clothes line and not a direct line for more fizz (they hand you fizz everywhere- it’s brilliant!) there was a bell for more fizz on the Balinese bed. Magic.

If you’re in need of a spoiling holiday, the Sheraton Gran Canaria has it all. And if you’re looking to be ‘good’, you’ll be tested, but will leave healthy and well rested.

His View

This is the week through the sunglasses of the man. It can be summed up in four words. Golf. Buffet. Pool. Gym.

This whole trip was about taking our body batteries away to a 5 star sun lounger and recharging. And boy did we do just that.

We arrived to a fizz welcome. As our bags were carried up to our room it was clear the hardest thing we’d encounter this week was deciding whether to exercise, or to exercise our right to do absolutely nada.

I’ll take you through one of my favourite days and you’ll get the glorious picture. Breakfast buffet. This was a feast for the senses. Your inner fitness instructor had everything from carrot juice to a rainbow fruit bar. Or for your inner carnivore it was treat central. With omelettes of every kind upon request and a little version of your very own Patisserie Valerie it was the modern man’s ultimate breakfast morning rendezvous. After devouring my fill, we’d retreat to the rooftop terrace. Ottilie summed this up beautifully. But what she didn’t mention was how big the pool was. Great for doing lengths and then cooling off with a chilled sangria, cocktail or smoothie at a pool stool. If someone painted a picture of pure luxury beside the dictionary definition, you’d be sure the Sunset rooftop would be there.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Infinity Pool
The Infinity Pool

So it’s 2ish. I’ve eaten like a lord, drank like one and relaxed like royalty. Now it was time to truly swing into action. Twilight tee off. Cart. Tick. Girlfriend caddy. Tick. Ice bucket full of beverages. Tick. I’ve played some cracking golf courses in Ireland, UK, Portugal and the Middle East and this was right up there. First of all there’s a course app. There’s an academy with performance analytics. There’s a beer buggy. And a manicured course sitting green and majestic amidst the rocky volcanic surrounding terrain. And sun. A key ingredient that helps most of us sunshine players. I parred three holes and got one birdie (if you’re asking). I might’ve lost three balls along the way, but best not to dwell on the negatives. Beer in the 19th hole topped off a great afternoon. It was shower time in our walk-in ensuite wet room, a splash of Johnny Depp’s endorsed Dior Sauvage and it was buffet round two.

As Ottilie had chauffeured me around the golf course, driving sometimes too far ahead (possibly on purpose) I was left to walk quite a lot of the stunning course, which meant I deserved as much culinary delights as I wished. I think I might’ve had four or five courses that night. The duck (which I hope was not the one I saw earlier on the course), was simply out of this world. The lasagna, charcuterie and cheese board need a special mention and the glass of intense praline, cream and cashew nut was a dessert highlight (I went back for seconds).

Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Balinese Beds

So as Ottilie so eloquently put it, that will be your one dilemma for the week. How much do you want to enjoy yourself? If activities are your thing, you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly. Pool bike was my thing. But enjoying my food, my podcasts in the sun, and my golf were what got me up in the morning. One thing is for sure, you’ll enjoy every second working out what you want to do, or enjoy working out in one of the many fitness classes. You might also enjoy being dragged to the spa. Whatever kind of Sheraton Salobre experience you opt for I’ve a feeling you’ll enjoy it very much.


Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre


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