Miranda Kerr’s 11 in-flight travel essentials

Supermodel Miranda Kerr definitely travels a lot more than the average person, then she often has to go straight onto a shoot. We loved this interview she did with Net-a-Porter, where she shared exactly how she stays cosy and comfortable in-flight.

1. Eyemask

“I don’t leave anywhere without my eyemask, helps me get my beauty sleep while I’m on the flight.”


2. Loungewear

Once on the plane, Miranda then changes into some comfy, cosy loungewear – this Helmut Lang T-shirt, Splendid hoodie, and Spanx pants are all tried and tested. They’re pretty much pyjamas, but acceptable enough to be seen in at the airport.


miranda-kerr-how-i-pack-3 miranda-kerr-how-i-pack-4

3. Scarf

In case you get cold in the plane, it’s very handy to take a scarf. This one is from Etro. “I like to have a few layers that I can take on or off.”


4. 2-3 essential shirts, jeans, shoes, underwear

Miranda prefers to avoid checking in luggage, so she takes a couple of pairs of jeans and flat shoes, as well as a few shirts and underwear.

miranda-kerr-how-i-pack-6 miranda-kerr-how-i-pack-7 miranda-kerr-how-i-pack-8

5. Skin care essentials – hydrate and beauty

And of course she packs a bunch of her KORA Organics skin care, and beauty essentials red lip, a bit of rouge for her cheeks, eyebrow gel and eyeliner.



6. Sunglasses

And her super important pro-tip:

“When I get off the flight I put on my sunglasses because sometimes I travel and have to go straight to work and don’t want to have to do my eye makeup!”


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