Coolest digs in Berlin – Michelberger Hotel

From the the iconic yellow ‘Michelberger Hotel’ sign blinking invitingly for your custom and passing through the Monkey mouth entrance, you know you’re in a place that’s a bit different.

The reception, lounge and bar look as if posed for a Selby shoot, cluttered with the kinds of books, toys, wall hangings and nick-nacks that compose cool.

Beers, booze and snacks are available to lounge around all day if you choose while those actually staying at the hotel can mooch up the stairs to the range of rooms on offer, past the TV screens playing ‘The Big Lebowski’ on loop.

Around a large, open-air courtyard, the rooms vary in size and style, from a ‘library’ style room to a ‘loft’ style for multiple band members/dance troupes to crash, or to smaller ‘cosy’ rooms that allow a suitcase and a close couple.

All rooms feature a clever use of space with unconventional style; ropes tie lights to celings, toilet rolls to walls, and weave interesting shelving in intricate spaces. A pile of German novels sit with snaps of sepia holiday snapshots tacked on the walls.

Simple and perhaps sparse at first glance, on close inspection the detail is carefully considered and provide the basics for a convenient stay as any other more conventional hotel would provide. The Michelberger Hotel is a rare and charming hotel experience.

Light, clean, cool, unique, it’s a place to stay for those who’d like to stay somewhere with brimming with character, and loads of fun.

Michelberger Hotel
Address; Warschauer Straße 39/40, 10243 Berlin
Telephone: +49 302977859-0 


Eloise loves unpacking when she gets to a hotel, finding the best coffee shop at any destination, and that first G&T on the plane.

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