How To Post a Package from India

We had heard a lot about the Indian postal service, but still couldn’t quite believe it ’til we saw it…

This is the process for sending home 500g (not even 1 kilogram) of stuff to Australia:

1. The queue at the post office… after an hour wait they said “go away and wrap your presents in a BOX with WRAPPING”. Right… where to get these things in a dusty Indian village??

2. The tailors! Of course. After borrowing an old wine box from the local liquor shop we spied a tailor who kindly SEWED the box shut.

3. Then back to the post office…


4. No! Now, you need two copies of your passport photo and fill out this form!

5. Found a photocopier…. so back to the post office…. and….

6. It’s posted!!!!

HOO BLOODY RAY. Only took 2 hours, 4 shops, and a lot of laughs.


Eloise loves unpacking when she gets to a hotel, finding the best coffee shop at any destination, and that first G&T on the plane.

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