Hotel The Designers Samseong-Dong Seoul

Waiter, there's a tree in my room...
Waiter, there’s a tree in my room…

Much has been hyped for Hotel The Designers in Seoul from notable blogs, hipsters, design moguls, and yes, TripAdvisor.

A mish-mash of rooms crafted by a range of different interior designers has garnered much press for this hotel – largely for the ability to choose a room to suit your mood.

Mirrored walls with Venetian masks, unexplainable wooden stages, looming faces a la Luna Park, and even a more polished but unmistakeable Brit-themed Beatles room-come Austin Powers Union Jack-a-thon complete with shag-pile carpet can be yours for the princely sum of 200HKD per night.

Austin Powers Room (sic), Hotel The Designers, Seoul

However, the overall effect is less than inspiring. Or fun.

Two of the three rooms we tried had leaking toilets (read: smelt like what you can imagine).

One room had a fridge which groaned all night.

The last room had a decidedly fist-sized hole in the wall where either someone’s head or fist had gone through it – maybe in frustration at the buzzing fridge? –  we weren’t sure which.

Add to that sealed rooms (so no sunlight) and irritating laser lights on the switches that blinked all night, and you have yourself two very sleep deprived customers 4 days later.

Wooden plank room, Hotel The Designers, Seoul

Oh, and the breakfast was some of the worst seen by these reviewers; old white toast, watery filter coffee, but at least some fresh fruit.

The gym is in the building next door, the wifi is free.

We’re not raving, in fact we’d probably advise you don’t stay there. Especially when the staff declined to offer us a discount for our worries.

Yep, avoid. ‘Nuff said. Stay at Casa Mia instead! Better location, better staff, better place.


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