Hotel Fasano Rio De Janeiro – Our stay ☀️💦🌴

Expect the unexpected at Fasano Rio, the luxury hotel from restauranteur, visionary and fourth generation family member Rogerio Fasano. Together with internationally acclaimed designer Philippe Starck, the pair created a jewel of a hotel in the crown of Brazil.

Unassuming on the promenade of Rio’s famous Ipanema Beach, the hotel’s beautiful interior hosts the world’s framed famous, and effortlessly whisks all its guests into a sense of rich relaxation.

Every space has been carefully curated, creating framed views wherever you look. This is most likely a result of Rogerio’s days studying the art of film and his love of work by legendary director Francis Ford Coppola. The framing theme is especially evident in the hotel’s ocean front rooms. The positioning of the bed is unexpected, but perfectly placed to admire the spectacular view upon waking up and realising with relish where you are.

The decor and our room 🏠🌅

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro Suite

It’s hard to forget where you are in fact, as special attention is paid to constant communication with guests through prettily printed notes that appear amongst your surroundings. There’s the unexpected note that greets you, accompanied by an indulgent chocolate ganache cake with ‘Welcome’ written on it in expert chocolate hand. There’s also a little instruction from the chef on the correct way in which it should be enjoyed.

Another note sits beside the local crisps that dress the furniture on the balcony. Perfect for people watching from the inconspicuous comfort of your room and supplied with information about their origin.

The Londra Bar 🍹🍸

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro Bar

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro Bar Londra 1

We adored the Londra bar. Tucked away at the back of the lounge is a small, dimly lit bar with leather Chesterfield chairs branded with The Sex Pistol’s God Save the Queen iconography and a large British flag where the blue has been changed to green in a nod to both Rogerio’s Italian roots and his love affair with London. Be sure to stay Thursday to Saturday to experience this space come to life at night.

The Rooftop Pool 💦🍹

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro Pool 3

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro Pool 2

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro Poolside

The rooftop pool is also unexpected. Nothing can prepare you for or tire you of such a stunning view, and that’s before you take in its incredible panoramic backdrop overlooking the beach and the mountains that hug it. In the blazing sunshine, the place is a hive of fin de la semana socialising. Rosé flows and tanned skin glows as shade-wearing capricas celebrate the city they live in along with its visitors.

The verdict ✨😍

Fasano Rio goes above and beyond to make its guests feel fabulous. Service would be the wrong word to use in this context, as each member of staff exudes a sense of pride in being part of the experience that is Fasano. Whether it’s arranging a business meeting or a marriage proposal, it really is their pleasure as well as yours.

You can always take a bit of Fasano with you when you leave too, in addition to the memories. The locally designed flip-flops in your room are offered as a gift to each guest. So you can always walk with that bit of Fasano style wherever you go.

How to get in touch with Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro

Website: Hotel Fasano
Telephone: +55 21 3202 4000
Address: Av. Vieira Souto, 80 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22420-002, Brazil

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