Hotel Bulgari Milan – Review


Entrance to Hotel Bulgari Milan
Entrance to Hotel Bulgari Milan

Bulgari, a name that drips opulence and glamour, has extended its fashion and lifestyle heritage into a global selection of hotels you can rest your coiffured head.

Our choice, nestled atop a private driveway, instantly drew the ‘wow’ factor from the ten-deep Porshe collection outside (making one’s humble taxi feel a touch underdressed).

Inside, heavy black granite interiors glinted off the obsidian shades of its clientele. Delicately held cups filled from the hot chocolate fountain, were daintily dipped with biscotti.

This Other Level of luxury truly satiated the subtle flaneur, with Gucci-clad clientele silently gliding past, and grandeur dripping from the Dom Perignon bar to the real gold tiles in the pool.

Real gold tiles in the pool. Look for bite marks.

So imagine our surprise, placed in a divine Superior Room overlooking the Milanese courtyard, when we woke up at 3am with bugs in the bed. And on the floor. And in the bathroom.

A touch rattled, we picked up the phone to rather urgently get some assistance. Where had they come from? And what the hell were they??

It was only the next morning we received a nonchalant shrug of shoulders from the Manager, who explained they had come from the trees in the garden outside, and that it wasn’t unusual.

Good night, don't worry if the bed bugs bite...
Good night, don’t worry if the bed bugs bite…

At $1000USD a night, it certainly didn’t feel usual. And for that matter, neither did the fact our TV didn’t work.

Like forking out only to find a fake Fendi, we felt not a bit robbed.

However, it is an experience to consider if you fancy a discrete stay, and a high-class taste of the Italian good life.

For us, we’d rather stay somewhere with a little more heart, and a little more class. Bugs in the bed, really?

Details for Hotel Bulgari Milan reservations:

Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7/b – 20121 Milano 

Telephone: +39 02 805 805 1





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