The 3 Easiest Ways To Have A Sustainable Holiday

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Here at The Three Travellers, we’re all into efficient travel tips, so we thought you’d like a quick run through the easiest ways to book a green holiday that will leave you feeling – and doing! – great.

Look for the Green Key eco label
  1. Look for the Green Key
    Maybe you haven’t heard, but the clever Danish have invented a global rating system for the hotel and hospitality industry so that everyday travellers like you and I can tell which places are legitimately eco-conscious. When you’re booking, look for the Green Key eco label, or, go to and use their nifty map to find accommodation, restaurants and attractions you want to visit that you know have been certified according to a strict criteria. They have almost 30,000 venues registered across 57 countries so you should be able to find one you like.

  2. Book your holiday using a sustainable travel expert
    When you’re trying to tell which Agriturismo is best, or understand how to marry your snorkelling holiday dreams with some serious coral reef restoration work, you need to tap the experts, and there are two key ones to check out.First is Ecobnb, who offers a range of sustainable accommodation offers to book, plus inspiring destinations and itineraries to boot.The second is Green Pearls, who show you the best green destinations worldwide, and also champion the travel industry’s innovative Green Projects.Both select their sustainable accommodation options based on very strict eco requirements from water usage and recycling to community and cultural preservation, so you know they are serious about their sustainability!
    Plus, booking via these experts can score you a deal!3.  Travel slow

    We love this idea of Slow Mobility which Alpine Peaks has championed. Basically, to keep your carbon footprint light, aim to travel by bus or train, and with as few cruises, flights, and cars as you can. Easy? Not always! But certainly worth being aware of to achieve if and when you can.


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