Babymoon Bliss at Bill & Coo, Mykonos

The divine Bill & Coo infinity pool. Image courtesy of Bill & Coo.

When you’re carrying another body in your body, and you’ve got around 8 weeks to go, the idea of getting on a plane to find some sun and sea is pretty much both the best and worst idea ever.

Thankfully, the journey (approved by the Doctor!) was worth it, with Bill & Coo the tranquil destination.

Over the pristine infinity pool, warm blue skies met blue Agean seas, forming a perfect monotone. We sipped chilled water and lolled poolside on perfectly rolled towels, aware that somewhere over the rainbow we had come.

Bill & Coo Suites

Discrete, neat staff nodded and bowed us along to our Bachelor Suite, which had the same heady sunset and sea view. This heavy mumma to be felt light at least for a while, resting the Bump on the sunny balcony. We also checked out the suites with pools, but the Bachelor Suite was perfect for us – no stairs, and a lighter, airer room.

Delicious Mykonian Breakfast at Bill & Coo

Each morning in the breakfast area, local Mykonian breakfasts delighted with traditional Greek feta pie, yoghurt with locally sourced honey, rice pudding with cinnamon, and semolina halva in little pots that you wished would never end. The Greek coffee was good and strong too. (Not sure why we needed coffee here though really… The day’s activities peaked at more lolling by the pool and a paddle to cool off me and the Bump. )

If you felt like a stroll though, Mykonos town is only 20 minutes walk around the corner and is well worth exploring. However, make sure you get a ride from the friendly Bill & Coo taxi service back, cos you’re probably not game to walk back up the Bill & Coo hill – especially if you have an extra load on board!

Bill & Coo Mykonos
Megali Ammos, 84600 Mykonos, Greece
Tel.: +30 22890 26292

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