About The Three Travellers

Here at The Three Travellers we know that time is your greatest luxury, and probably the most precious thing you’ve got.

So we aim to cover the best of family travel and lifestyle, focusing on inspiring and beautiful experiences for families with limited quality time.

We believe that exploring new places, experiencing new things, or simply just going somewhere nice is the best part of life.

We are talking to all you new families who don’t want to travel (or live!) like those before them; we look for flexibility with our work(places), and more time with our kids.

We don’t think you should compromise on the way you used to travel just cos there’s more of you!

We review accommodations, holiday experiences, and products that make the world turn a little easier for us all and make it a better place for families of the future.

We also emphasise the conscious among us – those people treating our planet and people well, who are eco and socially aware and value sustainability, diversity, equality, sustainable living and travel. We’d like to celebrate those who take care of the communities we travel to and live in.

How do we travel?

We like escaping the daily grind to find places that inspire, food that delights, and languages we absolutely can’t speak.

We love to soak up the sun, but you’ll most likely find us in a good local cafe watching the locals walk by.

We think bucket lists distract from the goal of travel which is to soak up the surrounds, not tick a box.

Our best travel trips are to use your time well and always have a balance: always fly on Wednesdays (cheaper, quieter!), use all your holiday leave (and then ask for more! Having just a handful of days holiday per year is plain crazy!), and plan a maximum of two activities a day and use the rest of your time to slow down and savour your surrounds. Also, put down that phone. You’re probably missing the most magic moments.

What is luxury to us?

Luxury has so many definitions these days, especially when it comes to travel.

Here at The Three Travellers we define luxury as having time; taking time; being grateful for it, and making the most of your time with the best life has to offer you.

In our daily lives we find luxury in having time to spend as a family, see our kid(s) and not rush. Life’s simple pleasures – a day without a schedule, a good cup of coffee in the sun, an unexpected hug – these define true luxury to us.

In our travels we find luxury in an easy journey, a gracious host, beautiful surrounds, and a leisurely pace to soak up the new flavours, sounds and faces around us.


Eloise loves unpacking when she gets to a hotel, finding the best coffee shop at any destination, and that first G&T on the plane.

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